About Me

I am one proud Duck!
And one proud Vulcan!
My name is Sam and I am a vegan. I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and a degree in Geology from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I am currently residing in the Silicon Valley and planning on attending graduate school in a few years. I married the man of my dreams in September 2013 and we are expecting our first child in April 2014.

And yes, all I eat is vegetables and other plants. But that does not mean all I eat is plain boring salads. I created this blog to show people that vegans eat a wide variety of delicious food that anyone can enjoy. I have been a vegetarian since I was 18 and a vegan since I was 22. I went vegetarian for animal rights. I always felt guilty about eating animals, but I just did it because my mom told me to. When I was older and learned where my food came from, I made the decision to stop eating meat and animal by-products. It was challenging at first and did not happen overnight. I cut out red and white meat pretty easily since I always hated their texture. I was a pescatarian for awhile, meaning I still ate fish and seafood. But after a few months I cut that out too and became a true vegetarian.

Must read for everybody.
Saw it, and said I was done.
Then just out of curiosity one day (and because I am a big nerd)  I started to learn more about the food industry. I was horrified. I will spare you the horrid details, but I urge everyone to go learn about your food and it will change your life for the better too. Mass food producers don't care about you. They produce poor quality food that has no nutrients. Since the food does not properly nourish you, your body still craves more in hope of getting the nutrients its lacking. So you need to buy and more food, giving them more and more money. And all the sugar and the salt in processed food, it's no wonder America is so obese.

About this time, my uncle passed away from a heart attack. He was
fairly young but did not take care of himself. I did not know him very well, but I really do miss him. His death scared me. No one should die so young from something preventable. I have a horrible health history on both sides of my family---heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Rather than accept my genetic fate, I chose to defy it. I literally one day said "F**k it, I'm done!" and cut dairy and all other animal products out cold turkey right then. I want to live until I am 100. I want my great-grandchildren to sing to me on my 100th birthday. And the best way to accomplish my dream is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That is something people have a hard time understanding, veganism is not a just a diet, it is a lifestyle change. When you take on that mentality, all the dietary stuff is easy to change.

I created this blog in response to a bad date. The guy had a hard time understanding what a vegan is and what I eat. I get asked those and many other similar questions all the time. So I thought the best way to explain my life was to show it. Be a living example rather than being an annoying preacher. There will be no crazy instructions or insane ingredients. I'm a broke recent college grad with tons to do, so like most people, I don't have time for all that. My recipes are easy, simple, and inexpensive.