Vegan Products

Here is a quick list of vegan products I like and use often on my blog.

Meat Alternatives:
Tofu:  House Foods and Nasoya
Tempeh: Lightlife and Trader Joe's
Seitan:  I make my own most of the time, but I like WestSoy too.

And I love all of Tofurky Turtle Island products. I really suggest trying them all. Tofurky for the holidays, deli slices on your sandwiches, and hot dogs and sausages for BBQ's.

Milk Alternatives:
Soy: Silk and surprisingly Costco's Kirkland  brand.
Hemp: Living Harvest 

Cheese Alternatives:
Soy: Daiya
Other: Nutritional Yeast

Dairy Product Alternatives:
Butter/Margarine: Earth Balance
Mayonaise: Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
Sour Cream: Tofutti Sour Supreme Non-Hydrogenated
Cream Cheese: Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese Non-Hydrogenated
Yogurt: WholeSoy
Whip Cream: chilled coconut milk

Egg Alternatives:
Ener G Egg Replacer
Flax Seeds
Apple Sauce, I usually use Santa Cruz

Ice Cream:
Soy: Soy Dream and So Delicious Soy Ice Cream
Non-Soy: Living Harvest Tempt (hemp-based), So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream and Rice dream (rice-based)

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